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illwoo's Jargon

In the years gone by most people thought space was contrary to time that space was an object possessed distinctively by the dispariity in wealth. But after the recognition of the difference between the busy and the lazy, people came to think of time in the same time way. There was no distinction between time and space in the matter of possession. In this logical context day and night are not different fundamentally from each other even though people have distinguished between them on their action with the idea that day and night are not the same. It is true in the matter of being. People have confined themselves in the thought of the not-different difference between reality and illusion since they were introduced to the idea of Yin and Yang.

Painting is open to everyone but everyone can not appreciate the strokes, lines and colors of painting. I believe painting, being more communicative than language, spreads the laws of Yin and Yang as well as energy. It may be that the lawless bears the law and the law bears lots of laws, which are incarnate in lines and colors of painting. They say  the law and the laws go back to the lawless in the end.

Some elements exist because they have contrary elements. If there is no upper side there is no lower side. Without ugliness there cannot be beauty. Everything can find itself only in the combination of confrontation and antagonism.

How can Yin and Yang be harmonized with each other in painting? From this question Iam free whenever I think of painting. They say Tao is a turning wheel of Yin and Yang. If so, what is Tao? How could people invent calligraphy from a sword dance? It is said that the beginning began whithout beginning . Where does life begin and end? Is there an end truly? My life have been obsessed with these futile questions. However, am I not fortunate because I, now in the middle of my sixties, can feel, though vaguely, that Yin and Yang, not different from each other, give birth to each other, combine, diverge, and begin again. What will I wish to be in the next life? A painter? A sexy girl?

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ILLWOO, Park Yun Seo


B.F.A College of fine Art. Keimyung Unvi.

M.F.A Graduate school of Dept. of Fine Arts. Hongik Unvi.


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